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Shandong Business Institute, a provincial public full-time college, authorized by the Shandong Provincial Government and registered by the Ministry of Education. It is located in Yantai, a coastal city and an excellent tourism city in China. Shandong Business Institute has two campuses, Jinan and Yantai, covering an area of 1,418 mu, and a building area of 424,000 square meters. The total investment is up to 1100 million Yuan. At present, the enrollment is open to over 20 provinces and cities in the country, and there are more than 17,000 college students in campus. Insisting on the ideological line of advancing with the times, centering around the needs of ............

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  • Our School Held the College Students' Art Festival Style Exhibition  In order to further enrich the campus cultural life and meet the spiritual needs of teachers and students. Shandong Business Institute held the Art Festival for College Students, which set off an upsurge of campus culture, including campus photography competition, campus singer competition, campus dance competition, campus calligraphy competition, campus painting competition, campus design com... ...
  • Reading at the Right Time: Our School Successfully Held the 13th College Students' Reading Culture Festival April is the best time to study. In this most beautiful April day with spring and flowers in full bloom, we ushered in the 27th "World Reading Day" and the 13th College Students' Reading Culture Festival of Our School. Mr. Tao Chuanwei, Vice president of Shandong Business Institute gave a speech, he said that reading is a fine tradition of our Chinese nation that has been circulating for thous... ...
  • The School of Economics and Management: Fighting the Epidemic, You and Me Together  Recently, at the creative design competition with the theme of "fighting the epidemic, you and me", the words on one of the works deeply moved the teachers and students. From the panic of "closing the school" at the beginning to the orderly dormitory life now, the teaching staff of the school of economics and management take good care of every student.                   In order to... ...

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